The conversations have started, after some preliminary interviewing we are sure that we are on to something here.  Now to get all the nuts & bolts in place & really get this production roaring forward. 

That is where you come in of course.

Any donation you make to SWAP is tax deductible as it is being fiscally sponsored by the organization From the Heart Productions, Inc.

Direct link to FTH, Inc. donation page.

Please email me (catherine.tyc (at) with any questions about this process, or to just say hello.

From the Heart’s IRS number is 95 444 5418 which you will need on your taxes with the donated amount.

Also, donations starting at $20 will get you a hard copy or a download of the completed film.

For $200 we can do a screening in your home, maybe throw a swap?  We’ll post the pictures to our website!

For $500, you can have all of the above and a special thank you in the film’s credits.

& totes!  A tote bag for groceries or for toting home clothing swap scores, of course.  Details to come on that.

Donations are accepted in other formats as well, & just as needed!

Spread the word!  Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Please share this link:

Thank you so much for your donation and your support in helping me make this film!

Cat Tyc


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